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Download GTA San Andreas Indonesia




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Detail Game :
  • Name of Game : GTAEXTREME Indonesian by Rudi
  • Versions Game : –
  • Supported Android : 4.0 Up
  • Credits : Bang Rudi
  • Server Download : GoogleDrive | Updfile
  • File Tipe : APK + Data

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GTA Review: San Andreas - CJ It Never Disappoints You

This game continues the success of GTA III and GTA Vice City which are both ported of the PS2 console which in this game is very booming and almost in every PS2 rental when it's always there that play GTA: SA so that makes me reflex shake my head .

At first I thought that this game will be very heavy played on the mobile platform considering the extent of the world and the features provided, but it turns out Samsung Galaxy S2 Android phone that has emerged since 2011 is still able to play this one game smoothly (although the quality of graphics on Galaxy S2 slightly lowered than a smartphone classmate Galaxy S4 and above).

I am sure that most who read this article must have played GTA: SA on console or PC, in the first paragraphs I will retell the exact same game mechanism as console version, calculate as nostalgic material and recall the times golden GTA: SA. But For those of you who are still eloquent with the Gameplay GTA mechanism: SA, you can read this paragraph right away to shorten your time.

In the game that took place in 1992, you will play CJ who was forced to return home to San Andreas because his mother died of being shot by a herd of gangs named Ballas. It's in that hometown that your adventure really starts because you want to avenge your mother's death with the help of The Groove gang as well as dealing with corrupt policemen who always want to blackmail you.

In achieving your goals, you will play sandbox gameplay with missions related to the awesome storyline (almost all GTA games have amazing stories). What you can do in sandbox mode from unimportant to important things, for example stealing a car for a walk in the middle of town, beating pedestrians to fainting for money, taxi drivers, going to fitness your body is getting bigger + high stamina, being a thief, doing gangs wars activities to expand your territory, and so on.

From the story mission is no less interesting, compared to other GTA series you sometimes have to carry out a very unique mission where you have to steal a recording tape sneaking while doing stealth kill (killing secretly), burning cannabis garden , fly with jetpack, etc.

Since this version is ported from the console to the mobile, let's get to the discussion that distinguishes the mobile version with its console. I feel the result of GTA: SA mobile in terms of system and feeling control already feels right for mobile and plainly this game is polished in such a way towards more casual (it is certainly a good thing).

If the console version when you fail on a mission, will inevitably have to repeat the mission from the beginning, then in this mobile version you get a checkpoint facility that can save you time if you meet a failure in a mission. You can also shoot an auto aim where you do not bother to do a very annoying aiming, just press & hold the shoot button then CJ will automatically shoot the nearest enemy with it very accurately. And so casual, I feel the increase in weapon skill, stamina, and driving you faster than the console and back it is a very fitting thing for games on Android and iOS.

Autosaving system embedded in this game is also very helpful, you do not have to bother anymore have to walk far to safehouse just to save the game, every time you do a close application this game will always save the game first without your knowledge, so when you open again this game then you will be directly faced with the last position where you stand. Simple but very indulgent, is not it?

Then setting the buttons stealing the car, replace the radio, run, change the camera, until the pause button was put so mature so comfortable to use on the touch screen. Even so good placement of the button, I almost never experience the classic touchscreen button problems that are wrong press the button (for example the intention of the heart wants to press the gas, which is pressed even the brake button).

Slightly deviated from other similar games, for me Gangstar Vegas is really designed for casual gamers and has the same price must be willing to submit to the casual features provided by GTA: SA mobile. What Gangstar Vegas does is still less comfortable than GTA: SA mobile and in terms of the story goes back Gangstar Vegas has to bow its knees with the grandeur given GTA: SA.

GTA: SA first appeared in the console in 2004, surely we-we who live in the year 2010 and above will feel uncomfortable if Rockstar still display the exact same graphics with console versions considering the quality of mobile games in 2012 and above beyond the quality of PS2's console graphics and its peers.

Luckily its mobile version this time to get extra treatment where the GTA graphics: SA in overhaul so as to display sharper colors, better model characters, and more detailed shadow quality. Although the graphics are not as cool as Dead Trigger 2 or Infinity Blade III, it is understandable because GTA: SA more emphasis to the side of the open world gameplay that will be too heavy if the graphics are made extraordinary.

In the sound business, there is almost no difference compared to the console version. Even more exciting, all the radio channels in the console version are all brought to the mobile version. As we know that the songs on GTA radio: SA that you can enjoy while in the vehicle - are very nice to hear and the numbers vary greatly from rock, classic, metal, and so on. Calculate the songs earlier could bring you more to enjoy the grandeur of the game console version made in 2004 this.

GTA San Andreas can be downloaded through the App Store (for iOS gadget users) or via Google Play (for Android gadget users). The price is set to enjoy this game is Rp. 69,000 on the App Store and $ 6.99 on Google Play.

For such a high price, it can be said that you are very worth it if you decide to buy it because the playtime of this game reaches 30 hours more. The mathematical count is 69,000 / 30 hours = Rp 2,300 per hour, and it is only limited to completing the main mission alone, yet to the stage of completing secondary missions such as collectible items collecting, completing race missions, or winning all areas of gang warfare.

What makes it worth more is the absence of IAP in this game, so you do not have to worry about the additional cost to buy IAP.

Rockstar resurrects GTA: San Andreas in the mobile world and they do it extraordinarily. They are not just 'play copas' without the added spice that fits the 'mobile arena' but they add features that are simple but right on target. Eleven twelve in the affairs of graphics, the quality of graphics presented can be said to fit in the category of satisfactory. Although not too cool, but graphics overhaul efforts made Rockstar deserve its own appreciation.

Can be said after more or less 10 years passed, CJ back with a sensation that is not less outward than usual console version. A little less fit with the atmosphere in Indonesia is the size of the download is too large that is 1.5GB. You must be extra patiently waiting for the download to complete because the average internet speed in Indonesia lacks sufficient speed. However I am sure when your download is complete, boredom waiting for you must be paid with the quality of the game you play.
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