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Review The Warriors - Adaptation Game from Movies

The brawler-themed game (commonly known as beat 'em up) is one of many genres that was once very popular. The first game genre popularized by the series Double Dragon and Final Fight is not separated from the influence of classic Hollywood movies, one of which is the movie The Warriors which this time became the focus in the topic of our review review of nostalgia this week.

So is it The Warriors? Why this movie can give a big influence to the existence of the beat 'em up game genre that the average dominated street fight action? Paramount Pictures movie output is so influential because the theme of the film is relevant to cases of violence between street gangs in the 1970s.

Quoting from the LIFE article, 1970 was a time when street violence increased because of the widespread use of narcotics everywhere. This forced the youth to group and protect their territory to create friction between the groups that adorned the streets of New York in the 70s.

The Warrior
The Warrior

The Warriors tells of a gang called The Warriors who had to fight through New York City to return to their territory on Coney Island. In the film it is told that the Warriors gang is being framed in a situation that makes them hunted by all the gangs around New York, and they only have one night to return to their area before the gang in the metropolis kills them.

Action battles between gangs in the movie The Warriors earlier, is one of the few stories that the story is quite interesting to apply to the modern game. No wonder if it then attracted the interest of Rockstar who bought the licensed film categorized cult and present it into the form of games on the console PS2 and Xbox in 2005 ago.

The Warriors' adaptation of the game seems to be a love letter for the 'em up' genre that has recently begun to outrun the various genres out there. Just like the movie, in The Warriors you play as a member of The Warriors gang with a time setting of several months before the movie story begins.

The Warrior
The Warrior

Here you will see how this Coney Island gang formed grows and competes against 21 other New York gangs like The Turnbull AC's, Orphan, The Furies, Boopers, and more. There are at least nine of the Warrior gang characters that you can choose and play in this game, ranging from Swan (The Warriors movie protagonist), Cleon the gang leader, Ajax the arrogant fighter, and other gang members.

The relationship with the movie The Warriors then did not make this game arguably ugly like a movie adaptation game widescreen that you've come across in console. Rockstar previously known for their expertise in making open-world games like Grand Theft Auto, arguably has presented a fairly convincing world here. Starting from building buildings, graffiti strokes, junk garbage everywhere, up to various interactive objects to make the game environment beat 'em up one is quite exciting to be explored.

In some missions you are even given a wide enough location to involve a variety of objectives that make The Warriors more than just the usual beat 'em up action game. Starting from robbing the store, stealing the radio in the car, squeezing the local people, escaping from police, doing stealth, to drawing graffiti on the street wall.

In addition, you also have a headquarters as a liaison arena on the sidelines of mission activity. At Rockwood gang's headquarters this Rockstar gives you a variety of small activities like training missions, jukebox radios to listen to 1970s music, arcade game machines to play mini games, and more.

The Warrior
The Warrior

Through The Warriors, Rockstar presents a game control scheme beat 'em up a little complex but still interesting to learn. Here you are given the option to perform various attacks such as slamming, grapple, and special attacks that can be accessed by combining two attack buttons. Each gang character in this game has different special attack attributes and movements, thus providing variations in every game.

Each attack will fill the meter meter meter contained in the name of your character. By enabling rage capability, your heavy attack attacks will provide considerable damage and are quite useful when you are in a critical situation.

In order to be similar to the look of the old movie The Warriors, Rockstar deliberately add a grain movie filter to capture the classic impression in this game. Although the details of the character's appearance here are quite rigid, Rockstar at least noticed some of the character's details very well. Along with the brutal battle, the look of the character whose face is battered is shown quite well here, so the more realistic the game The Warriors.

The Warrior
The Warrior

Speaking of sounds, this game gives me memorable memory when I first play it on the PlayStation 2 console first. The work of music tracks fronted by Rockstar successfully gave the impression of the 1970s. In addition, some vocals of the gang character The Warriors filled by actors / actresses from the original film, so that the value of this game in terms of cultivation of voice.

Overall The Warriors is one of the movie adaptation games that I think deserve to be labeled "cult" in accordance with the status of the movie. Calling this game a love letter for the beat 'em up game genre, I think it's also worth remembering the classic game references like Double Dragon also incorporated Rockstar as a mini-game sideline here.
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